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Our organization is looking for notable persons who have positively influenced or changed the world around them in order to show our youth that with a bit of positivity and hard work, they too can accomplish their dreams.

The Polish Canadian Education Centre (PCEC) is extending an invitation to partake in Smile, Canada! We are asking persons of interest to contribute their autographs with a simple smiley face beside it. These will be added to a collage of other “smiles” just like it and will be presented to schools, hospitals, and other places where your smiles are needed to brighten someone’s outlook and inspire everyone’s inner child.

 The “Smile” Project started in 1980 when the originator of the idea, Mr. Marek Wysoczynski, received his first autograph.  While gathering these smiles he thought about sharing the joy of elusive souvenirs from outstanding personalities. The initiative developed from regular exhibitions to meetings with children in hospitals.

Celebrities are drawing smiles with young people which brings joy to both sides and that is what is really important. This collection has now grown to over 10,000 smiled autographs from all over the world. The project collection includes: Maria Teresa (Mother Teresa), Michael Jackson and Lech Walesa, as well as  many others from over 165 countries.

According to Mr. Wysoczynski, “Smiling is possible even in the hardest moments. In sickness, grief, any trouble– after all, when we look at a smiling child we all smile unwittingly”.

We are collecting  two signatures of each  notable persons.  One for our Canadian collection and the other for the World Gallery of Smiles, owned and operated by Marek Wysoczynski.

To learn more about Mr. Wysoczynski and his project please go to:


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 Please see some examples of the creative responses Mr.Wysoczynski has received so far:






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